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Helping to Strengthen Our Community

The Unity Campaign for Frederick County is committed to providing those in need with access to basic resources. With an extensive number of supporters from a variety of backgrounds, it's our mission to ensure that everyone in our communities has what they need to live a successful life.

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Individual donations may be made online or by mail. Checks should be made payable to the Unity Campaign and mailed to the Community Foundation at 312 E. Church Street, Frederick MD 21701

Serving the Needs of Many

At the Unity Campaign for Frederick County, it’s our goal to make a difference. With a strong commitment to serving basic human needs, we’re committed to providing people with the tools to improve their lives. Through active participation of a variety of organizations, our campaign includes matching funds that will help to augment individual donations and solidify the financial support necessary to provide these services. By participating, you’ll be making a positive impact — one that’s felt in both individual lives as well as throughout Frederick County

What We Do

  • Help people meet basic human needs such as food, shelter, and clothing
  • Provide at-risk children and youth with services that are beneficial
  • Building a stronger, more inclusive community for residents of all ages

Why Contribute?

  1. You’ll be making a positive difference: both in individual lives, and in the community
  2. 100% of every tax-deductible donation goes to nonprofit work
  3. Your donation will unlock matching funds, ensuring more money is made available

Become a Matching Fund Sponsor

Developing a matching fund pool leads to our overall success. Local business owners and organizations can help our efforts by becoming a matching fund sponsor.

Sponsor contributions are used to build up a matching fund, further encouraging individual donations during the 12-day campaign. Because of our matching fund sponsors, not only does 100% of an individual donation go to the participating nonprofits they select, the donation amounts are increased through the generosity of our local corporations and major donors who become matching fund sponsors. This in turn helps to build broad community support for these vital nonprofits.

A list of current sponsors and information about benefits of being a sponsor can be found here.